Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am back.. hope I stay :)

Wallahi I have been ignoring this blog more than a year. What happened to me?

I am still around. Still the emotional (but very cheeful) wreck. Ha ha. No I am never a wreck. I am the jolly person that you good people will always love. Love y'all too. Big hug.

So what have I been up too for the past one year and 2 months?

Can't tell y'all much really, I've not been my smart self. Had my foolish moments last year, loads of them. And when I am not being my smart self, I will not be inspired to write. Hence, the neglected blog. Sigh.

Anyways, we picked ourselves up and we recovered and we move on yea? And that's the only way to go I guess. No use looking back and regret. It's good to look back and learn though. How cliche. But it's the truth.

Ok enough of the philosophy. So what had happened last year? Hmm it was quite an adventure. How do you good people say it? Roller coaster ride? Yea something like that. I have been single again at a (supposed to be) very mature age. So I was back in the dating scene. I am suppose to be very wise rite? Nope... sorry to disappoint y'all. Eventually I had my heart broken a few times. No big deal (yea rite). We talking about feelings & emotions here so it was somewhat a big deal actually but I kept myself busy & distracted. Cried some but quickly laughed again. And I lost a few friends ... no they didn't die, I just think they are not worth to be friends with anymore - that's very dark and mean of me - I KNOW.... But I made new acquaintances as well.

Somewhere early last year I stalked a girl in facebook and we became close friends now. (Zy, I hope you are reading this). It took her a few weeks to respond to my message. She must've thought I am psycho-stalker or something. We met, and clicked. Then she started to introduce me to her circle of friends and I love every lovely people in the group. And how they love to eat!! So most of the weekends we would meet up for MAKAN TIME. The happiest & most satisfying moments of our lives :)

Uffff I can feel all the jeans shrinking now.

Yea I am in a big denial - yet again.

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