Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why, u think u better?

I was often caught in a situation whereby I am in a middle of 2 friends criticizing each other. And I'm telling u it's not fun at all. Usually I would just keep my face shut and be oblivious of whats happening. This act we call it - playing dumb. Or another word - bimbo. Better that way, otherwise the risk of getting asked to pick a side is greater. No smart-people-making-their-points want a bimbo on their side, they rather have all the smart people in their imaginary territory.

I prefer to escape the 'what do u think, Rod' question.U see, the way i see it, who are u really to criticized other people's ways or their lives. Because to them, your ways & your life is not ideal either. So stop with all this energy wasting argument and just accept that people just love the way they living their lives, and ONLY give your oh-so-precious opinions IF u're asked to. Yea yea yea you are criticizing out of your oh-so-good intentions, but c'mon... Who are we kidding here... You just want to feel smart, sah? I'm being too kind.. Let me re-phrase that. You want others to see you as a smart person - yes that's more like it. Hmph.

It's quite easy really. Relax. Just accept each other. If they failed or fell and cried, lend a shoulder. The way I see it, u benefit being a nicer compassionate person, and they benefit lessons from their mistakes. Isn't that better in a way?

I am living a simple life in my own little world and u are exactly doing the same. "Complicated" is when we start looking into others'...

I'd just realized I am criticizing too. P E A C E .