Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Let's see... what shall I write.

Ok. This is for y'all in KL and whoever's wondering what have I been up to.
*Been up to no good.* Nahh. Me iz a gud gurl.

For the moment I am in Dubai, working here now on a permanent basis. Alone for now, my darling girls will be joining me soon in August. Yes, they will start their school here 4th Sept. Exciting you think? Well at least they are excited...

Honestly, I am a bit nervous. Trying to adapt is not the same for everyone...some fast, some slow, some steady, some can't take it. I know mine are gutsy girls but you never know. Hope they will be as strong adapting life here.

Next I am looking for a proper place. Not that I am living improperly now, it's just that I need our own place when they are here. Can't be living in this bachelorette's pad you see...

Yea... bachelorettes. That's what we are now. Well in my case that's a temporary condition. Do I like it... yea it's not bad, Kate (the other bachelorette) she's a load of fun. By the way, she's not around for the next week or so, busy bouncing her cute lil ass in Canada. So I am alone in the flat now. Early nights, late mornings. Not that she's keeping me up when she's around, but usually we always have something to do or bitch about or explore.... (too much info there ahem). Ops did I say 'bitch'? I mean 'talk'. Ah y'all smart people surely would figured that out...

Ok it's 11.30 pm. Need some naughty dreams. Nite y'all ..... Sambung esok.