Sunday, August 24, 2008

The J.R. Story

Kate was paying a pre-housewarming visit to my place, for the first time last week.

She insisted that she bought us something, and since i raved about J.R, my new fighter fish pet, she thought it's a nice idea that we get him a mate (now i am very sure he's a he-fish, cos we asked the nice boys from the pet shop... a.k.a the petshop boys - west-end-boys... side tracking..... )

Anyways, she bought this lovely she-fish, maroon-purple colour, and named her K.J (well K.J - J.R... it rhymes).

We dumped K.J into J.R's bowl, hoping that they would mate and make beautiful blue-purple babies together, although i feared that they soon gonna fight each other to death, different sex or not. However, at first, they looked ok, checking each others out... no aggressions... so we left them alone and had our dinner.

Suddenly we realised there's a commotion in the fish bowl... We thought they were fighting, or having rough sex yea... but nooooo..... J.R suddenly became so nervous, jumping about, and he ALMOST TURNED WHITE!!!! To save him, i quickly took out K.J and put her in a jar.

Pffffffffftt so much for the babies hope...

What a looser.

Men. sigh...

The Fishy Story

He's pur-tee isn't he?

We named him 'Fishy'. Well i named him Fishy. Everyone else got no choice but to agree, ofcourse.

U see this is a fighter fish. Maybe from the guppies family, i am not sure, just a little bit of some fish education here... They don't live with other fish. A totaly solitaire creature. If they bumped into another fish of the same size or the same sex, may it be from the same species or not, they will fight it. TILL DEATH. TILL THEIR OWN DEATH that is.

Hence, the name - FIGHTER FISH.

So my usual quality time with him was just poking his bowl so that he will 'fight' with the vision of my finger. Sort of training. Just to keep his juices flowing. Believe it or not.. the more fierce he became, the more vibrant his colour would be. Pleasant way to keep me awake during those boring dry moments in the office. Oh did i tell u that we had him kept in the office?

Meet this guy. Ugly plush-toy from Mc Donalds. If any of uols ever seen the movie 'Brother Bear' u would know this silly bugger.

Why are we suddenly switching characters? Aha... because they linked to each other..

So i have this toy, always sitting at the edge of my computer screen...

One day i decided that i wanted to play with both.

Took the toy, and humming the 'JAWS' theme song, start to tease Fishy with it... and oh my God how he got spooked!!!!! He almost jumped out from the bowl!!! And the magnificent blue colour... FADED! I promise u he almost turned white!!!!

(Proved my point earlier that this is really an ugly toy).

A couple of weeks later, he died. The whole office cried a bit, was depressed for a whole day... And they were lookin at me in a blaming sort of way... (And i took it like a chick.) I was the most depressed one there.

So i carved a tombstone from a white eraser, wrote on it 'here lies FISHY. R.I.P'. And Daniel wrapped him up in tissue papers, and we had a little funeral at the flower pot next to Meiling's cubicle. (Pause - sad)

When Jeremy (my sweetest ex-boss) came back from vacation a few days after that, he passed by the flower pot then reverse geared... and asked me 'hey... who died?'

(Wish i have a pic of his cute grave to share here)...

I just realised!

He's a she fish!!!!!!