Monday, June 30, 2008

My MESIR lover... (maaaaaannnnn)


Well well well well well..... Didn't know I have one.....

I'm tellin y'all.. The big important word again..... P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L.

See the AED50 note? I got this from Centrepoint as I was shopping there last week... (what did I buy... ermmmm... oh it was not Centerpoint... it was DFC, bought 2 pairs of s-e-x-y-y-y-y shoes! With rhinestones. Totally meant for whoring... really. The shoes, not me. Ofcourse. But u know... who knows what I am capable of rite...) Ops where was I?

Ah yes the AED50 note.

It so happenned that I wanted to pay Grace lunch money with this note, then I saw the scribbling and asked Nadine to translate it for me (see above above). Yea-yea-yea uols might say by now 'yea-huh what so phenomenal about that???' Focus ok, focus... Y'all smart people are not loving me as much anymore.... tsk..

See the date? I put it in bold ok so it will be more obvious for those who still care. Got it? Rang any loud bells? Want me to spell it out loud?

It's my BIRTHDAY !!

Just a coincidence? Ah dawn't thaynk so...

Maaaaannn how PHENOMENAL was that huh ..... one phenomenal occurrence keep happening after another. (Altogether now... PHENOMENAL!!)

Ok that's it. I am not going to say the word again for the rest of the month.

What word?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Starts with a 'P'.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Let me share something somewhat weird & phenomenal (give me chance to use big important words ok) that I am experiencing. I had actually been noticing it for quite sometime now. But let's just focus on the previous few days.

I went to Spinneys few nights ago, thought it might be too late already, so I checked my watch. It's 10.10pm. Then I bought milk, granola bars, cereals, tissue, ice cream - which totalled up aed50.50. Went home, watched a movie and dozed off on the sofa. When I woke up, checked my phone, the time showed 12.12am.

Then another night I went out with Kate. When we met at Mister Baker, checked my watch, it was 8.08pm. Then later we left to see Hazem at a bar in Satwa. The match between Turkey and Germany was on, I sms Ugur letting him know I am supporting Turkey... and a few seconds after he replied, Turkey scored, a guy named Ugur Boral made the goal. :O Checked my phone for the time when I was in the bar, it was 11.11pm! Hazem said hey your time is wrong, but that was not the case here!!!

The next morning, I was getting ready to go to the office,checked my watch again it was 8.08am. And the very same nite, in the taxi with Hazem & Kate, checked my phone, it was 11.11pm!

Y'all, these are the events that I remembered. There's more ofcourse that I can't recall in detail.

I'm tellin y'all... 8 out of 10 time-check, I will see doubles! Signs u think? Prophecies maybe (Yea I wish) Of what? Kinda mysteriously spooky if you think hard about it...

Hey any wise SIFU out there can help me out?


I wish i could change

I wish i could change

I wish i could stop sayin the same old things

I wish i could be what u want me to be

I wish i could stop being the same old me

I wish i could loose all of my blues

I wish i could stop putting my blues on you

I wish i could love like nobody love

I wish that my goods outwit my bads enough

....... Suddenly there's nothing i want more.......

(Robin Thicke)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still the hands, but reading.

What a productive week this had been. So glad it's Thursday again. Not so productive here in the blog because I was ignoring it for a whole week. It's ok I forgive myself.

Ok. So I met this girl during a get-together ... after being our chatty selves she claimed that she can read palm. I am not into this kind of B.S., but nevertheless, being a sport, I let her read mine. Hey a lot u can tell from just looking at hands actually ... I am not a pro, but just by studying one's hand, you can actually can tell things like your personality, length, depth (erm that's another story and  let us not get side-tracked here) ....

So this is what this palm-reader girl concluded about me...

CHEATER (damn), married twice, first marriage weak, second marriange strong. Still cheating tho' (what a bitch). Will come to a point in wealth where work is becoming unnecessary (lucky bitch). Too much worries, messy in the head but somehow always pull thru' hard times. Very strong, will of iron. Faced & will face a lot of challenge in life but won't easily break. Very caring to the love ones. Will travel far but will go home eventually.

Hmmmmmmm...... should I reveal if she got it correctly or not?

Anyway, a day after, I met up with Buck. And he was with his friend that I've never met before. So having a stranger sitting in front of me, I decided to try out my new found SKILLS onto him. Better to read a stranger's palm, because you might be bias to the person that you already know.

So this was my conclusion on him...

Married once, very very strong marriage... (he told me immediately that he got 7 kids)... 7 kids? Mannn how strong marriage is that!? NEVER CHEAT!! (what a man!) Never get rich enough to have to stop working (poor guy - I didn't reveal this to him though). Others were about the same, travelling, strength (although I am pretty sure that have some stronger 'kick-ass lines' than he has)

Soon after, when we were dropping him off - hey REVEALATIOOOONNNN!!!!!

"I have 2 wives" said the man who never cheat.

Proved my very first point I wrote above there .....


Thursday, June 19, 2008


I weighted myself lastnite... and was shocked. 62KG? Gila babi!! That's fat mannn! I got on and off the scale again & again, hoping the number would change but noooo it stays accurately (not) at 62kg. I left the scale alone for 1/2 hr or so, hoping that it would 'correct' itself (silly really) but again, the 62kg appears again. Mannn I was depressed! I need somemore of those ice cream! But no. I decided not to get panicked that easily. Calmed down and just went to bed like normal people... Normal slim people...

So this morning I asked for a second opinion. And third...

Ok that's it tonight I am buying a new scale!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Let's see... what shall I write.

Ok. This is for y'all in KL and whoever's wondering what have I been up to.
*Been up to no good.* Nahh. Me iz a gud gurl.

For the moment I am in Dubai, working here now on a permanent basis. Alone for now, my darling girls will be joining me soon in August. Yes, they will start their school here 4th Sept. Exciting you think? Well at least they are excited...

Honestly, I am a bit nervous. Trying to adapt is not the same for everyone...some fast, some slow, some steady, some can't take it. I know mine are gutsy girls but you never know. Hope they will be as strong adapting life here.

Next I am looking for a proper place. Not that I am living improperly now, it's just that I need our own place when they are here. Can't be living in this bachelorette's pad you see...

Yea... bachelorettes. That's what we are now. Well in my case that's a temporary condition. Do I like it... yea it's not bad, Kate (the other bachelorette) she's a load of fun. By the way, she's not around for the next week or so, busy bouncing her cute lil ass in Canada. So I am alone in the flat now. Early nights, late mornings. Not that she's keeping me up when she's around, but usually we always have something to do or bitch about or explore.... (too much info there ahem). Ops did I say 'bitch'? I mean 'talk'. Ah y'all smart people surely would figured that out...

Ok it's 11.30 pm. Need some naughty dreams. Nite y'all ..... Sambung esok.