Monday, June 15, 2009


I feel like kicking my colleague's ass today. Or rather his head. He went on and on about women and their manipulative complicated ways. Yes as if I can't say the same about men.

I snapped. I gestured a very bad sign to his face and tell him to (beep)-off. I was not thinking at all and words coming out from me like bullets from machine-gun. I told him (if he think trying to look hot is just one of the evil ways for women to provoke men, then) he should come to the office in his (beep)-ing pajamas. I said if he can say 1000 negative things about women, I can say the same about men.

He snapped also. He raised his voice. He asked me why am I so upset. I anticipated his next sentence would be "is it because you cannot take the truth?" But before he could utter anymore provocations, I retorted with a question "why do you have to bring this up again & again?" I told him to stop it because "NO ONE LIKES IT INCLUDING YOURSELF".

See, he's not the first man who spoke of women regarding MARS VS VENUS matters. But he's doing it in a much provoking way. As if he was asking for someone to argue back. Maybe no one dare to argue before, and he's probably enjoying this. He said he's just sharing his point of views. But yea a little diplomacy wouldn't hurt. He needs to get it into his head that this will be a never ending argument. No one will win - if winning is what he's craving for.

I have to say I would love to talk about the bad things about men during my every pass time. To every detail. As deep as possible. To the very core. But why do I have to do that? The more I talk about men and their lack of perfection the more it would smack me back in the face. I mean we need each other don't we? Why can't we just focus on the positive side of the opposite sex?

There's a Chinese proverb saying "if you are pointing one finger to another, there's three other fingers pointing back at you".

And so vice-versa.

Well the next time he want to do it again he might want to check if I am in audible range, for it was a very ugly situation we had momentarily ago - which even I can't stand it myself. I don't think anyone else could too.

Must remind myself not to snap anymore... hate the "aftertaste" :(