Friday, October 24, 2008

How have I been doing?

Maybe it is time to update uols about my on-goings in Dubai.

As everyone knows, my girls already started school, in their second month now, and coping very well (thank God al-mighty) despite the major change. Yes there were a little bit struggling in language & communication with Dania but not so much for Marsya & Alya. And even so, Dania is starting to get popular amongst her classmates, effortlessly, like how she was when we were back home, language barrier or not.

As for me... all of u might think i would be driving myself insane right about now with the office, and the girls and school meetings and homeworks and errands and chores huh...?

As one of my dearest friends said & i quote "Life is as simple as you make it"... and i could never agree more.

All of u may not believe it that at least a couple of nights in a week i would take a couple of hours to chill, or shisha or supper or coffee with some close friends, or have a little window shopping by my self (in which ofcouse i never fail to shop for something pretty & silly), or even sweating at the gym! And so far I haven't missed helping the girls with their homeworks, and i haven't skipped any of the PTA meetings! Supermom huh? Not really.


Yea ok, i have a maid, so all of the cooking and cleaning considered solved. And i noticed a lot of my friends with maids.... maaaan aren't they BUSY dictating the maids! Hovering over them like a hawk!! I mean they are much busier now then they were before they have the maids!

Girls please, the maids are there to help you ease the burden and the stress.... not to add them! And noooooo i don't need anymore stress in my life ... I want to stay young much longer!! Yes yes i had maids before who betrayed me and ran away with the uncle next door, so yea we meet shitty people every now and then, but i do believe a little kindness goes a long long way. So, i just briefed my maid only once, and more than a few times she would ask questions and how to do's, and i treat her kindly, in return she's appreciating it and she looks happy.... therefore so far the girls are so well fed, my home spick and span and voluntarily she would join my girls with artworks, paintings and games. Ofcourse I would join them too and have our many little laughs everytime.

That's a lot of stress lifted. And many wrinkles postponed!

Next, the girls went to bed at 9pm. Hey after 9pm i still can do a lot with myself till my bedtime! But yea i don't overdo it ofcourse, i was never a 'party-mom'. But i like to have my fun. I love a night out once in a while. Real conversation with some educated adults. Meet new interesting people.

And my weekends? I went out every weekend with the girls. Malls usually. Or a close friend's house. And once we went to see live band in Hard Rock Cafe (they wanted to go again!) And some of my dearest friends really didn't mind and even love having them over or join our weekends gatherings. One of my friend told me that 'ur kids can really hang-out with adults' ... She's really bias cos she adores them too much.... but then again my girls are very well behaved so i guess she's being true as well.

And to have a 4 year old girl u might think i have tons to carry yea... coz she actually still a baby...

I learnt to have an easy life. From the time Dania was born, never again i bring the whole household in a huge bag when i am travelling. It will be just a bottle of warm milk, a piece of diaper, a little towel and a pair of pants and blouse should she make a mess. All all these stuffed inside my trendy sling bag, or their fluffy rucksack. Now that Alya is four, these items becoming lesser & lesser! Hey there's public toilets, and there's supermarket everywhere that u can get fresh milk from, thank God for modern amenities!!!! So instead of stressing myself carrying my whole household and worrying and worrying, i usually travel light & easy, and most importantly have as much fun as possible! Isn't that the reason why you have a day out with your children???

Hey making it easy doesn't make u a lesser parent ok?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Told ya..

Remember the blue pet fish that i mentioned? And the little grave in the flower pot? And its little tombstone made of eraser?

Like some of you, i couldn't believe that my ex-colleagues still kept it there. Although the bamboo plant in the pot not looking as nice as before, the little grave still in place.

So there it is, for you to see.

Therefore i would like to thank all my ex-colleagues back in KL, for keeping the memories of US alive.

Love u too.

Why so MEAN???

Do you actually want people to dislike you?

Bitch about you?

Curse you?

Why do you have to be mean and bad when you actually know that you are being mean and bad?

Do you enjoy being a bitch?

Do you enjoy hurting people's feelings?

Do you love it when people despise you?

Do you feel big about it? Grand? Great?

Why are you creating unnecessary stress?

Why do you feel that you need to be difficult?

You feel you are loosing if you are not?

Isn't being patience and calm & collected & humble & sincere & kind is the nicest thing you could do to yourself?

Is that not the right track to be on?

Don't you know you that are big & winning by practicing these values?

Why do you want to bring yourself as low as the other angry person opposite you?

Do you love to look stupid?

Do you love to embarass yourself?

Whatever your response to my questions, you know actually the truth. Only you are not admitting it.

I beg you just let yourself think & ponder.

And maybe later you can be your better self...