Saturday, June 28, 2008


Let me share something somewhat weird & phenomenal (give me chance to use big important words ok) that I am experiencing. I had actually been noticing it for quite sometime now. But let's just focus on the previous few days.

I went to Spinneys few nights ago, thought it might be too late already, so I checked my watch. It's 10.10pm. Then I bought milk, granola bars, cereals, tissue, ice cream - which totalled up aed50.50. Went home, watched a movie and dozed off on the sofa. When I woke up, checked my phone, the time showed 12.12am.

Then another night I went out with Kate. When we met at Mister Baker, checked my watch, it was 8.08pm. Then later we left to see Hazem at a bar in Satwa. The match between Turkey and Germany was on, I sms Ugur letting him know I am supporting Turkey... and a few seconds after he replied, Turkey scored, a guy named Ugur Boral made the goal. :O Checked my phone for the time when I was in the bar, it was 11.11pm! Hazem said hey your time is wrong, but that was not the case here!!!

The next morning, I was getting ready to go to the office,checked my watch again it was 8.08am. And the very same nite, in the taxi with Hazem & Kate, checked my phone, it was 11.11pm!

Y'all, these are the events that I remembered. There's more ofcourse that I can't recall in detail.

I'm tellin y'all... 8 out of 10 time-check, I will see doubles! Signs u think? Prophecies maybe (Yea I wish) Of what? Kinda mysteriously spooky if you think hard about it...

Hey any wise SIFU out there can help me out?


I wish i could change

I wish i could change

I wish i could stop sayin the same old things

I wish i could be what u want me to be

I wish i could stop being the same old me

I wish i could loose all of my blues

I wish i could stop putting my blues on you

I wish i could love like nobody love

I wish that my goods outwit my bads enough

....... Suddenly there's nothing i want more.......

(Robin Thicke)