Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still the hands, but reading.

What a productive week this had been. So glad it's Thursday again. Not so productive here in the blog because I was ignoring it for a whole week. It's ok I forgive myself.

Ok. So I met this girl during a get-together ... after being our chatty selves she claimed that she can read palm. I am not into this kind of B.S., but nevertheless, being a sport, I let her read mine. Hey a lot u can tell from just looking at hands actually ... I am not a pro, but just by studying one's hand, you can actually can tell things like your personality, length, depth (erm that's another story and  let us not get side-tracked here) ....

So this is what this palm-reader girl concluded about me...

CHEATER (damn), married twice, first marriage weak, second marriange strong. Still cheating tho' (what a bitch). Will come to a point in wealth where work is becoming unnecessary (lucky bitch). Too much worries, messy in the head but somehow always pull thru' hard times. Very strong, will of iron. Faced & will face a lot of challenge in life but won't easily break. Very caring to the love ones. Will travel far but will go home eventually.

Hmmmmmmm...... should I reveal if she got it correctly or not?

Anyway, a day after, I met up with Buck. And he was with his friend that I've never met before. So having a stranger sitting in front of me, I decided to try out my new found SKILLS onto him. Better to read a stranger's palm, because you might be bias to the person that you already know.

So this was my conclusion on him...

Married once, very very strong marriage... (he told me immediately that he got 7 kids)... 7 kids? Mannn how strong marriage is that!? NEVER CHEAT!! (what a man!) Never get rich enough to have to stop working (poor guy - I didn't reveal this to him though). Others were about the same, travelling, strength (although I am pretty sure that have some stronger 'kick-ass lines' than he has)

Soon after, when we were dropping him off - hey REVEALATIOOOONNNN!!!!!

"I have 2 wives" said the man who never cheat.

Proved my very first point I wrote above there .....