Monday, October 6, 2008

Told ya..

Remember the blue pet fish that i mentioned? And the little grave in the flower pot? And its little tombstone made of eraser?

Like some of you, i couldn't believe that my ex-colleagues still kept it there. Although the bamboo plant in the pot not looking as nice as before, the little grave still in place.

So there it is, for you to see.

Therefore i would like to thank all my ex-colleagues back in KL, for keeping the memories of US alive.

Love u too.

Why so MEAN???

Do you actually want people to dislike you?

Bitch about you?

Curse you?

Why do you have to be mean and bad when you actually know that you are being mean and bad?

Do you enjoy being a bitch?

Do you enjoy hurting people's feelings?

Do you love it when people despise you?

Do you feel big about it? Grand? Great?

Why are you creating unnecessary stress?

Why do you feel that you need to be difficult?

You feel you are loosing if you are not?

Isn't being patience and calm & collected & humble & sincere & kind is the nicest thing you could do to yourself?

Is that not the right track to be on?

Don't you know you that are big & winning by practicing these values?

Why do you want to bring yourself as low as the other angry person opposite you?

Do you love to look stupid?

Do you love to embarass yourself?

Whatever your response to my questions, you know actually the truth. Only you are not admitting it.

I beg you just let yourself think & ponder.

And maybe later you can be your better self...