Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not my lover.. but more than a friend..

To Ajax... Updating... updating...

(Pffft some of uols have no patience at all!)

I was chatting with a darling friend last night (yes while i was chatting with u too Ajax.. see i am so multiple tasking... ;-) and u are a darling friend too ok, just got upgraded about 2 secs ago..)

Yea back to my darling friend, we used to work in the same office. About 6 months ago we went seperate ways. He Guangzhou, me Dubai.

So last night we were on webcam. No-no.. not the cybersex bit.. Huh uols think i would expose myself to uols that much? THINK AGAIN! I was just merely showing him my new empty apartment. Oh i forgot to update uols that i finally moved out from Kate's! To a very cozy 2 bedrooms apartment in Dubai Marina. Nice view... well if u stand at some certain angle, yea u can see some impressive waterfront view... And a lot of sun too. And already i bumped into some hot looking opposite sex during my many elevator trips... Yea i am definitely gonna have some good fun here. Err... i mean... u know... it's always nicer to borrow sugar from a cute neighbour than just a neighbour. Or help looking at my plumbing... (is that how uols call it nowadays? heh heh..)

Why are we talking about sex.. err.. i mean my neighbours here? The star of this blog should be my darling friend yea. Sorry. I am such a scatter-brained creature, but uols know that already...

Back to the webcam part. I was having nice spagetti bolognaise extravaganza a-la rodie, and he was.. hey i don't know what he was doing actually.. (blurr face).. erm oh he was not on webcam. However the same night, i got myself a new pet. It's a blue fighter fish. Fierce little guy... So as we were talking about the happennings in my life, i showed this fish to him. We squeeled and shrieked on msn, like little bitches. You see in 2003 we had the very same coloured fighter fish in our office and ofcourse, fishes don't have long life span yea... so it died (oh i have another story about this fish too!!!! next blog..) We were so excited that (he said and i quote) i found an Arab version of the very same fighter fish!! Oh and named him J.R. Handsome name for a handsome fish.

So out of all these excitement, he decided that we should celebrate.

How u think?

He sent me a song. Titled 'Goyang-goyang' - means shake-shake. The unique part of it is, the song tittle is in Malay, but the song is in Tamil, and he is a Chinese!!!! And the rythm... Maaann how we got really excited! Always! Squeeling & shrieking (on msn still) like bithces.. Again!!! When i finished downloading the song we played the song together and how we went goyang-goyang!!! And let me tell ya that was THE MOST EXCITING EVENT OF MY WEEK!!!!

So, the subtance of the whole story is, only this kind of deep friendship would enjoy this kind of unforgetable meaningful moments.

Uols agree??