Thursday, June 2, 2011

the real life, bonafide MAGIC

Last night my little Alya was unusually quiet... it was a very bad tooth ache. So I rushed her to the nearest dentist, and the very nice dentist (who treated her for free - which is so unusual in Dubai) told us that the last 2 baby molars is becoming loose and somehow it inflamed her gums - hence the pain. He gave her some anesthetic jab and told us to just wait till both teeth came off naturally.

She was happy again when we stepped out from the clinic, and ofcourse knowing her, now she's already the 'best-of-friends' with the dentist, she even suggested we should visit the nice dentist again :)

Anyways.... after midnight, she woke me up, couldn't sleep. The aenesthetic worn off and she was in a great deal of pain again. She lied down in my bed and I know that it's going to be a very long night...

I rubbed some ointment onto her cheek & massaged it lightly.. The pain wouldn't go. She tossed & turned & cried a little bit... I gave her paracetamoll syrup, still the pain is there. I actually told her "mama really don't know what else to do". She just closed her eyes and held my arms. I felt so helpless.

It was almost sunrise when I remembered a trick. It never failed before with Marsya & Dania. Well, Marsya & Dania never had one single tooth ache in their lives... but, if it worked on scratches & bruises, it better damn well work on the tooth ache.

So I told her softly "Mama will blow the pain away ok? After mama blow, the pain will be gone". She nodded.

And I blew some little prayers softly to her cheeks.

Swear to God ~ shortly after that she fell asleep.

It could be the paracetamol that's finally working, or the the constant rubbing on the cheek, or the medicated ointment, or she was just simply tired.

But maybe, just maybe, there's MAGIC in my healing tecnique, a mother's love, and a child's pure faith.