Monday, July 21, 2008

MAK & her powerful WORDS.


MAK = MOTHER. That's how I called her.

I was 4. Weird as it sounds, I can actually remember certain events that happened during that very young age. The incident I was about to tell you took place just after I celebrated my 4th birthday in our village's kindergarden that I went to, and then it was teatime.

Mak was grating coconut in the kitchen (the old fashion Malay traditional thing-a-magicky ... I am sure some of y'all might still recall it). At that very same time, the uncle next door, did us a neighbourly favour mowing our compound. It was a huge green compound we had back then. He used the motorised mower machine that was still new & oh-so-sophisticated at the time.

We were amazed by it. Abang & I. Abang was standing at dead centre of our kitchen door, watching the uncle in action. I wanted to join too, what abang was doing, I also wanna do, was always like that. As I was peering my head over the door jamb, Mak called out, "don't stand at the door, pebbles might flew to hit you..."(jangan berdiri kat pintu.... kena batu kang...) and just a split second after she finished her sentence... POW!!!!!!! A pebble came flying and hit me... just below my left eye. A few milimeters up and I could be blinded for life! I remembered putting my hands over the wound and was too shocked even to cry. Mak jumped from the grater, carried me, put me on her lap and start checking my wound. I don't remember anything much after that. What Mak had told me, the next morning half of my face became blue-black and Mak & Abah had to rush me to the hospital. The doctor then gave me some kind of shot right onto the wound.

There's much more incident similar to this after as I was growing up... and how I learnt to appreciate that very strong bond between us, that even just her words can affect me in so many big magical ways.

I already know that most of her quiet words was blessing & prayers for me (and abang ofcourse) .. even how bad a daughter I was to her sometimes... still I am wishing so much that she'd blessed me more, for I am forever a child who is still growing up.

If you look closely you still can see the scar under my left eye. I'll have it all my life I guess.. A special reminder of her words that never left me.

Really miss her. May her soul rest in peace, ameen.