Sunday, August 31, 2008


Do i miss Malaysia? Ofcourse i do. And to realise that in Dubai people start to look up to us whose coming from this beautiful small warm country, it really makes my heart soar high.

Today I'd love to wish my country the HAPPIEST 51st BIRTHDAY. May u prosper, stay peaceful, be more colorful, and continue making our hearts SOAR!!

So proud of you.

(Gee... i got goosebumps now...)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Has it been a month yet since i last said the word? Ok so it's fine to say it again.

Heh heh.

This is a pic of my baby & Muna's baby. Playing together at long last.

But this is not the real story.

Ok focus at the TV screen please. At the Arabic words at the bottom. Noticed anything soooo fimiliar? The 'DOUBLES'?

Definitely a sign.

And judging from the double smiles... definitely a good sign.

Case no. 2

Ok there's this guy.

I always think that he is pretty cool. Funny, in a sinycal way. So i hang out with him sometimes.

Come July and the apartment hunting begun. He was suggesting that I should find a 3 bedrooms apartment. Same story, he want to rent out one bedroom, but he is willing pay 60k a year, coz he's bringing the wife and the 2 kids. Plus my maid will have to take care of the kids too. Well he's not getting the bigger room with that sort of cash, i thought. Some of uols in KL might think - wow, she's becoming a bitch... But come on, 3 decent bedrooms in Dubai will cost from 175k + 10% deposit & commission. If i am getting a loan from the bank, that will add another 9% minimum. Bringing the maid in, i have to pay the immigration 10k, and her flight ticket cost me another 3k, and also her medical check-up fees, plus i have to raise her salary almost double according to Dubai law.

So... what bitch?

Like case no. 1, i just proceed. Nothing committed yet. But he was little bit more helpful (yea right). He emailed me a few apartments adverts in Barsha to view.

Yea ok. How the hell am i going there? How am i getting the money to pay for it? Applying for D.E.W.A (that's electricity & water supply). Hey i spend a whole stressful day at the D.E.W.A office yea... and TV channel, drinking water supply, appliances, furniture...... the list went on & on! He don't give a 'F'. Didn't even offer to share a single cab ride with me. At least pretend like u care yea, and fix a date to go view the apartments together. NOTHING! By the end of the day he would just ask 'hey did u get that apartment?' And another brilllllliiiiiaaant idea may i add, he told me ' family only coming in September yea, so i will only start moving in September'. So if i m moving in August, i have to bear the bloody expensive month by myself. How bloody convinient!!!


When i finally moved, he seemed to be ok with it. Didn't show any attitude. Yea ok good, u have problems, i also have problems. So let's solve our problems ourselves.

But there's the thing about 'using' my maid to take care of his 2 kids. He brought it up, saying he would pay me for the baby sitting job. Ok fine. But i am not the one who's baby sitting here. My maid is. So we need to ask her. She arrived (not an easy trip for her too...) and to be fair to this guy and she, i popped the question. Ofcourse she was reluctant. Who wouldn't? More money or not. We are talking about 5 children here, cramping my small house. And houseworks, cooking, etc. She told me she can't cope with that. Then i broke the bad news to him. Oh! Was he upset! He said i should have told him this earlier, for he wouldn't have brought his family here if he knows MY MAID WOUDN'T TAKE CARE OF HIS KIDS. So the decision of him being together with his family in Dubai, depends on my maid's availability...

What? What??? WHAAATTTT??????????

You see, the way he was putting it, i am responsible of his baby sitting issues... Don't care how hard for me to bring the maid here, how much money & stress spent, hey don't even care if the babies were not popping out from me!!! (Okay too graphic here... Sorry bout that...) Am i suppose to work my life around THE REST OF THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS HERE????????

So uols, i'd really like to help, but help yourself first. Have some strong backbones. If u don't have any, start working on it. Do some out-sourcing, research, homework. Browse the internet. Self educate. Ask around. Make more friends outside your circle. Do it yourself. Get favours only when you are being offered some. That is all that i have been doing all this while. Don't take your friends for granted. You might loose them sooner. Or get deleted from facebook. Or blocked from MSN.

I am a small girl... there's only a limited weight i can take on my shoulder.

Thank you for understanding.



I know a few of my 'fans' already getting upset with me for not updating this blog as frequent as i should... I'd love to write everyday, but hey, i m a mother of 3 yea... that's really hard work!

Ok let me take a ciggy break and think of something entertaining to write.

Patience fans dearest...

Ok today i'm gonna bitch. Really guys, there's only up to certain limits little nice me can take yea...

Case no. 1

This girl. She's a not-so-close friend from back home. But since there are not so many of us here in Dubai, yea ok we should stick to one another. Help out each other so to speak.

So I was busy looking for an apartment in July, and suddenly she came into picture. She was suggesting that we should live together, that she would rent one of the bedrooms in my future apartment. She told me she can't pay much, yea ok, i am willing to accept less than market price. She's driving a company's car, so at least i can get a ride to work or at least to the supermarket anytime, therefore i told her that if we want to realise this plan, she should help me look for a place that costs not more than 150k a year, coz if she is paying 36k a year, then the balance is affordable for me to bear, although by now uols must be saying 'isn't that even fair?'... Yea i know, but if i choose to, i can be THAT kind. Really.

So days & weeks passed. I was struggling applying loans and bugging dear Buck during a few weekend and taking expensive taxi rides to view some potiential apartments yea... And guess what she was doing? Absolutef******ly nuttin'. Not even offering me a ride, not even looking up the many apartments' advertisements... NOTHING!! I didn't even want to ask for favours from her... I just proceed, whatever i can find, whatever i can manage, i will take it as it comes. Qe sera sera - that never change...

Then i somehow managed a loan, and i found this apartment. A sweet new friend helped me to furnish it, even helped fixing some furniture.. (God bless you... thank you so much.. love the orchid..) It happenned so quick actually though, as how Dubai is - fast & furious. In less than two weeks the place is looking like a real home already. (praise God Almighty for making it happenned for me).

Suddenly, i got a phonecall. From her. How are you... bla-bla-bla... i moved.. and.... What do you know... She said, '.... so we are not living together like we planned before???'

We planned??? WE??? PLANNED??

Too much! And imagine. Her brilliant idea was, to move in ONLY when she got a new job, which is only God knows when! And even on that matter, she was relying on me to help her with the job hunting!!!!! Hey, am i looking like her bloody keeper here??? Is it conviniently stamped on my forehead but i couldn't see?? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT!!!!!! (see i totally know how to use the "pfft" now).

Too upset to continue with case no. 2.

Need another ciggy break.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The J.R. Story

Kate was paying a pre-housewarming visit to my place, for the first time last week.

She insisted that she bought us something, and since i raved about J.R, my new fighter fish pet, she thought it's a nice idea that we get him a mate (now i am very sure he's a he-fish, cos we asked the nice boys from the pet shop... a.k.a the petshop boys - west-end-boys... side tracking..... )

Anyways, she bought this lovely she-fish, maroon-purple colour, and named her K.J (well K.J - J.R... it rhymes).

We dumped K.J into J.R's bowl, hoping that they would mate and make beautiful blue-purple babies together, although i feared that they soon gonna fight each other to death, different sex or not. However, at first, they looked ok, checking each others out... no aggressions... so we left them alone and had our dinner.

Suddenly we realised there's a commotion in the fish bowl... We thought they were fighting, or having rough sex yea... but nooooo..... J.R suddenly became so nervous, jumping about, and he ALMOST TURNED WHITE!!!! To save him, i quickly took out K.J and put her in a jar.

Pffffffffftt so much for the babies hope...

What a looser.

Men. sigh...

The Fishy Story

He's pur-tee isn't he?

We named him 'Fishy'. Well i named him Fishy. Everyone else got no choice but to agree, ofcourse.

U see this is a fighter fish. Maybe from the guppies family, i am not sure, just a little bit of some fish education here... They don't live with other fish. A totaly solitaire creature. If they bumped into another fish of the same size or the same sex, may it be from the same species or not, they will fight it. TILL DEATH. TILL THEIR OWN DEATH that is.

Hence, the name - FIGHTER FISH.

So my usual quality time with him was just poking his bowl so that he will 'fight' with the vision of my finger. Sort of training. Just to keep his juices flowing. Believe it or not.. the more fierce he became, the more vibrant his colour would be. Pleasant way to keep me awake during those boring dry moments in the office. Oh did i tell u that we had him kept in the office?

Meet this guy. Ugly plush-toy from Mc Donalds. If any of uols ever seen the movie 'Brother Bear' u would know this silly bugger.

Why are we suddenly switching characters? Aha... because they linked to each other..

So i have this toy, always sitting at the edge of my computer screen...

One day i decided that i wanted to play with both.

Took the toy, and humming the 'JAWS' theme song, start to tease Fishy with it... and oh my God how he got spooked!!!!! He almost jumped out from the bowl!!! And the magnificent blue colour... FADED! I promise u he almost turned white!!!!

(Proved my point earlier that this is really an ugly toy).

A couple of weeks later, he died. The whole office cried a bit, was depressed for a whole day... And they were lookin at me in a blaming sort of way... (And i took it like a chick.) I was the most depressed one there.

So i carved a tombstone from a white eraser, wrote on it 'here lies FISHY. R.I.P'. And Daniel wrapped him up in tissue papers, and we had a little funeral at the flower pot next to Meiling's cubicle. (Pause - sad)

When Jeremy (my sweetest ex-boss) came back from vacation a few days after that, he passed by the flower pot then reverse geared... and asked me 'hey... who died?'

(Wish i have a pic of his cute grave to share here)...

I just realised!

He's a she fish!!!!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not my lover.. but more than a friend..

To Ajax... Updating... updating...

(Pffft some of uols have no patience at all!)

I was chatting with a darling friend last night (yes while i was chatting with u too Ajax.. see i am so multiple tasking... ;-) and u are a darling friend too ok, just got upgraded about 2 secs ago..)

Yea back to my darling friend, we used to work in the same office. About 6 months ago we went seperate ways. He Guangzhou, me Dubai.

So last night we were on webcam. No-no.. not the cybersex bit.. Huh uols think i would expose myself to uols that much? THINK AGAIN! I was just merely showing him my new empty apartment. Oh i forgot to update uols that i finally moved out from Kate's! To a very cozy 2 bedrooms apartment in Dubai Marina. Nice view... well if u stand at some certain angle, yea u can see some impressive waterfront view... And a lot of sun too. And already i bumped into some hot looking opposite sex during my many elevator trips... Yea i am definitely gonna have some good fun here. Err... i mean... u know... it's always nicer to borrow sugar from a cute neighbour than just a neighbour. Or help looking at my plumbing... (is that how uols call it nowadays? heh heh..)

Why are we talking about sex.. err.. i mean my neighbours here? The star of this blog should be my darling friend yea. Sorry. I am such a scatter-brained creature, but uols know that already...

Back to the webcam part. I was having nice spagetti bolognaise extravaganza a-la rodie, and he was.. hey i don't know what he was doing actually.. (blurr face).. erm oh he was not on webcam. However the same night, i got myself a new pet. It's a blue fighter fish. Fierce little guy... So as we were talking about the happennings in my life, i showed this fish to him. We squeeled and shrieked on msn, like little bitches. You see in 2003 we had the very same coloured fighter fish in our office and ofcourse, fishes don't have long life span yea... so it died (oh i have another story about this fish too!!!! next blog..) We were so excited that (he said and i quote) i found an Arab version of the very same fighter fish!! Oh and named him J.R. Handsome name for a handsome fish.

So out of all these excitement, he decided that we should celebrate.

How u think?

He sent me a song. Titled 'Goyang-goyang' - means shake-shake. The unique part of it is, the song tittle is in Malay, but the song is in Tamil, and he is a Chinese!!!! And the rythm... Maaann how we got really excited! Always! Squeeling & shrieking (on msn still) like bithces.. Again!!! When i finished downloading the song we played the song together and how we went goyang-goyang!!! And let me tell ya that was THE MOST EXCITING EVENT OF MY WEEK!!!!

So, the subtance of the whole story is, only this kind of deep friendship would enjoy this kind of unforgetable meaningful moments.

Uols agree??